Planting Around Transformers

If you have a green PWC transformer box (underground electrical transformer), it is important that you DO NOT PLANT anything within 9 feet from the front of the box, and 3 feet from each side.

Trees, shrubs and flowers planted too close to our transformer, impedes our line worker’s ability to make repairs and restore your power. PWC has the right to remove these obstructions without notice. When line workers have to take the time to remove landscaping that’s in their way, it delays power restoration for you and your neighbors. Proper clearance also allows heat to dissipate, which prevents equipment malfunctions caused by everything.

Important Reminders

Be sure to heed the warning sign on transformers and other PWC equipment. Do not sit on transformers or allow children to play on it. If you see a transformer that is open or unlocked, call PWC immediately at (910) 483-1382.

Planning a digging protect? FIRST, call NC 811 or  1-800-632-4949 – for the location of underground utility lines.