Residential Rates

Summary of Deposits, Fees, & Charges

Customer Service Fees & Charges
Initial Connection $22 (during normal business hours)
$65 (after normal business hours)
Late Fee 5% or $5 (whichever is greater)
Disconnection Attempt Fee $22
Reconnect $30(during normal business hours)
$60 (after normal business hours)
Returned Bank Item $25

Our standard deposit is an average of two months billing history.

Meter Testing Fee Electric-$50
Meter Tampering Fee Up to $500
Area Lighting $4.50 (additional facilities per month per pole)
$330 (additional wood pole (30 ft/Class 5)
$330 (secondary pole, lift pole)
$185 (relocation of pole after initial installation)

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 *electric fees are subject to NC Sales Tax

Summary of Facility Investment Fees (FIF)
Single Family Residential (domestic use), Non-residential and Industrial (excludes irrigation and multi-family dwelling units)
5/8” Meter $540
1” Meter $1,350
1 ½” Meter $2,700
2” Meter $4,320
Residential Irrigation $405 (customer must have a PWC domestic meter at this location)
5/8” Meter $660
1” Meter $1,650
1 ½” Meter $3,300
2” Meter $5,280

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Electric Rates

Water Rates

Sewer Rates


Electric Customers to Receive Credit Beginning April 1, 2017
Beginning April 1, 2017, electric customers will see a Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment credit applied to your bill.  Because of lower than expected costs in 2016 from our power supply provider, Duke Energy, PWC will credit back $5 million to electric customers over an estimated 12-month period.  A credit of .00273 will be applied per your kWh used.  An example of the credit would be a customer with a monthly use of 1,000 kWh, will receive a credit of $2.73.

Service & Rate Regulations