Power Supply Adjustment (PSA)

The Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment charge for electric customers has been renamed to Power Supply Adjustment (PSA). The PSA is a charge or credit applied when power costs charged to PWC by our wholesale provider, Duke Energy Progress, exceed or are less than our projected costs recovered by PWC’s adopted electric rates.  

May 2024ResidentialNon-Residential/Industrial
per kWh$0.00635$0.00635
example – 1000 kWh used$6.35$6.35

PSA – Previous 13 Months
June 2024$6.35$6.35
May 2024$6.35$6.35
April 2024$6.35$6.35
March 2024$6.35$6.35
February 2024$6.35$6.35
January 2024$6.35$6.35
December 2023$6.35$6.35
November 2023$6.35$6.35
October 2023$6.35$6.35
September 2023$6.35$6.35
August 2023$0.00$0.00
July 2023$0.00$0.00
June 2023$0.00$0.00
May 2023$0.00$0.00
April 2023$0.00$0.00