Grinder Pumps

Gravity sanitary sewer is installed at a depth needed to allow the wastewater to flow by gravity into the collection system.  Some properties cannot receive gravity sanitary sewer service due to their location and require a grinder pump to lift the wastewater into the collection system.  These properties are identified by PWC and the engineer firm during the design phase.

Once utility improvements for a street are completed and available for connection, property owners who want to connect to these new services will need to contact a licensed plumber to install a grinder pump.  Licensed plumbers can also provide property owners more information about these pumps.

Property owners who require a grinder pump will receive a separate connection notice.  All property owners, including those who require a grinder pump, are assessed if water and/or sewer service is made available to their property.

Property owners who require a grinder pump can call PWC at (910) 223-4600 to discuss the situation.