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An advanced meter is an electronic device that allows for two-way communication between PWC its customers. These electric and/or water meters are equipped with wireless communications technology and will provide near real-time collection and secure transfer of your usage information.Your new meter will not immediately provide benefits upon installation. However, in the coming months, as more advanced meters are installed and technologies are put into place, PWC will show you how to use the many new features available to you. Features include:
  • Timely access of your usage information – You’ll be able to view your daily use online so you can better understand your usage habits and make informed decisions about your energy and water management.
  • Improved reliability – Advanced Meters provide faster power outage or water leak notice to PWC so repairs can begin quickly.
  • Expanded product options – Ability to support new rate offerings from Retail Electric Providers (REPs), like real-time pricing and pre-paid electricity, as well as consumer in-home networks.
  • Greater privacy – Advanced Meters can be read remotely so meter readers no longer have to enter your property. PWC will still need occasional access for testing and maintenance.This information is subject to change.