Attention Existing Online Account Manager Users!

With your next login to the Online Account Manager, you will be asked to acknowledge your Utility Purchase Agreement (UPA) with PWC.  This is an effort to ensure customers are aware of and understand the terms and conditions of the UPA.  We appreciate your cooperation.

What is the Utility Purchase Agreement (UPA)?
The Utility Purchase Agreement (UPA) is an agreement between PWC and our customers. This agreement states that PWC will provide utilities to our customers and our customers agree to pay for the services provided. The UPA will not change our customer’s current services and they are not obligated to maintain our services for a specific time period.  Scroll down to read the UPA

Who has to agree to the UPA?
When a customer signs up for the Online Account Manager the first time, they agree to the Terms & Conditions and UPA.  Existing Online Account Manager users only see the UPA agreement.  

I’ve been a PWC customer for many years. I’m an existing Online Account Manager user. Why do I have to agree to the UPA to view my account online?
We want to ensure that all PWC customers are aware of the UPA. We are using the Online Account Manager to ensure our customers have read and have an understanding of the agreement.

What if I don’t use the Online Account Manager? How would I know about the UPA?
This is a phased project. We are implementing this agreement with our online customers first.  All other customers will be contacted in a different manner at a later date.

Can you send me a copy of the UPA?
You are able to view the full UPA online by clicking on the Utility Purchase Agreement hyperlink when you log in. The verbiage is also provided below and you can request a copy of the UPA by contacting Customer Service at (910) 483-1382 or customer.service@faypwc.com.

Utility Purchase Agreement – Terms & Conditions 

Fayetteville Public Works Commission (PWC) and Customer) hereby agree that PWC shall sell and deliver and Customer shall accept and pay for the utilities from PWC selected by the Customer, which selection may be made, depending upon the Customer’s classification(s), by: (i) application, whether written or electronic; (ii) exhibit, rider, schedule, or other attachment to this agreement, all of which are incorporated herein by reference; or (iii) other means acceptable to PWC. In the absence of any such selection, the Customer’s selection shall be deemed to be all utilities from PWC for which the Customer is eligible on the rate schedule(s) that are applied most commonly to other PWC customers of the same classification(s).

The sale and delivery of utilities from PWC to the Customer and Customer’s use or consumption of such utilities shall in all respects be subject to and in accordance with all of the terms and conditions of PWC’s applicable rate schedule(s) and PWC’s Service Regulations and Charges, both of which are incorporated herein by reference.

PWC’s applicable rate schedule(s) and Service Regulations and Charges are subject to change, revision, alteration, or substitution, either in whole or in part, upon order or resolution of PWC or any other governmental authority having legal jurisdiction over such rates and regulations, and all such changes, revisions, alterations, or substitutions shall immediately be made a part hereof as though fully written herein, and shall nullify any prior provision in conflict therewith.

The delivery of utilities by PWC to the Customer is dependent upon PWC receiving all necessary easements and obtaining all necessary apparatus, equipment, and materials. This agreement shall continue in effect until terminated. The Customer agrees to pay PWC timely for all utilities delivered to, used, or consumed by the Customer until the Customer has given PWC written notice and reasonable opportunity to discontinue service in accordance with the terms of the Service Regulations and Charges, unless the parties have otherwise agreed to a specific term for this agreement.