Hydrant Use/ Permitting for Bulk Water Haulers

Only PWC-approved person and vehicles, referred to as Bulk Water Haulers (BWH) are allowed to use water from PWC-owned fire hydrants.

Listed are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and the steps required to become an approved BWH. If you have any further questions about Bulk Water Haulers, please contact us at  (910-223-4704) in PWC's Environmental System Protection Office.

How to Request a Bulk Water Hauler Permit

Q: Where can I get a Bulk Water Hauler (BWH) permit? 

A: After the permit is purchased at PWC’s Customer Service Center (955 Old Wilmington Road), the bulk water hauler must go to PWC’s Cross Creek Plant (601 N. Eastern Blvd) for the inspection and permit process.

Q: Can you email me the form for the permit?

A: No, the permit must be filled out at the permitting site during inspection.

Q: How much does the BWH permit cost?

A: The cost is $390.00 per vessel and the permit is valid until January 31st of the following year.  This cost remains the same throughout the entire year. PWC does not prorate the cost.

Q: How much does a temporary BWH permit cost?

A: A temporary permit costs $65.00 per vessel for one month.  This permit can be renewed only twice consecutively in the same calendar year. From that point on, the customer is required to purchase the annual permit. Only out-of-town companies are allowed to purchase a temporary permit.

Q: Where do I make a payment for my BWH permit?

A: The payment must be made in person at the PWC Customer Service Center located at 955 Old Wilmington Road, Fayetteville, NC 28301.

Q: Do you accept cash or credit cards?

A: PWC does not accept credit card payments for BWH permits. Only cash or checks are accepted.

Q: Who do I make out the check to?

A: Checks should be made out to Fayetteville Public Works Commission or Fayetteville PWC.

Q: What are the truck requirements for the BWH?

A: Your vehicle must have an air gap fill line installed in order to get water from our hydrants.

Q: When and where do I go to for the vehicle inspection?

A: Permits and inspections are done at PWC’s Environmental Inspection Office Monday through Friday.  Please call for an appointment at (910) 223-4704. The Environmental System Protection Office (Building #13) is located at:

PWC Cross Creek Water Reclamation Facility
601 N. Eastern Blvd
Fayetteville, NC  28301

Enter the plant gate, take a left, and go to the Environmental System Protection Office, Building #13

Q: What information is needed for the application?

  • Applicant Business name
  • Applicant Address (mailing and local)
  • Business telephone number
  • Email address
  • Permitted vehicle license plate number
  • List of chemical transported with vehicle

Q: What should I do if the truck does not qualify for the BWH?

A: You can retrofit the truck with an air gap fill line, see Air Gap Diagram for details.  You can arrange for a hydrant meter if retrofitting your truck/vessel is not an option.

How to Request a Hydrant Meter

Q: How do I request a fire hydrant meter?

A: To request a hydrant meter, please contact the Customer Programs Call Center (910) 223-4600 The representative will need to know if the point of connection is a fire hose connection (2”) or a garden hose connection (3/4”).

Q: How much does it cost to use a fire hydrant meter?

A: A hydrant meter is installed based on availability and includes the following cost:

  • Monthly Basic Facility Charge = $91.60 + $0.00335 per gallon
  • Deposit = $500.00 (Must be paid before a hydrant meter is installed)

Q: Where can I find out more information about Fire Hydrant Delivery?

A: Visit faypwc.com and look under the Commercial/Industrial tab > Rates/Fees or Click HERE

Q: Where do we pick up the hydrant meter?

A: You will not pick up the fire hydrant meter. PWC will install and remove the fire hydrant meters after you contact to the Customer Programs Call Center to start or stop the service.

Q: Who supplies the hose?

A: You will be responsible for obtaining your own hose. A 2” fire hose or ¾” garden hose can be used.

Q: How long can I use a hydrant meter?

A: Fire Hydrant Water Delivery is typically limited to a contract period of thirty (30) days per occasion, unless under special use circumstances.