Hydrant Use/ Permitting

Bulk Water Haulers
North Carolina General Statue 130A-315; 130A-317; P.L. 93-523 states that – No person shall fill special use tanks or tankers containing pesticides, fertilizers, other toxic chemicals or their residues from a public water system except at a location equipped with an over-the-rim free discharge of water or an approved reduced pressure backflow preventer properly installed on the public water supply. No supplier of water shall permit the filling of such special use containers except at locations so equipped.

PWC has established formal guidelines/policy governing the use of PWC-owned fire hydrants.

ONLY PWC permitted vehicles are allowed to fill from fire hydrants. Persons desiring to obtain water from fire hydrants shall be referred to as Bulk Water Haulers, or BWHs. BWHs shall be permitted by PWC to discharge water from a designated fire hydrant into a tank with an Approved Air Gap (AAG).

Listed below are the steps/procedures required to set up an account with PWC in order to obtain water from a fire hydrant. Questions concerning the PWC Bulk Water procedures may be directed to the Environmental System Protection Office. You may contact the PWC System Protection Staff at the following numbers: Brian Morrison at 223-4704 or Jeff Williams at 223-4754.

Application Steps

1. Applicant must pay PWC’s current Bulk Water fee at PWC’s Customer Service Center located at 955 Old Wilmington Road.

2. Applicant shall contact the PWC’s Environmental System Protection Section at (910) 223-4704 for permitting of vehicles with tanks.

3. Applicant shall contact the PWC’s Environmental System Protection Section at (910) 223-4704 in order to report the number of tank loads of water obtained the prior week. Loads obtained shall be reported every Monday morning.

BWH’s are required to display a fire hydrant permit sticker on the tank of their vehicle and must have the permit form within the vehicle at all times.