Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing

Cardinal Landscaping, a PWC contractor, will be testing residential backflow prevention assemblies that are installed on lawn irrigation water lines.  Testing may take place on the weekends in addition to week days.

Here are some FYIs about the testing process:

  • Testing of your backflow preventer is required by PWC. If you choose to not allow the contractor to come onto your property; it will be your responsibility to hire someone for the testing.
  • Cardinal Landscaping will only be testing at addresses with lawn irrigation backflow preventers.
  • Backflow preventers can be located in several places.  Most of the time they are in a plastic box below ground in the front yard and possibly covered by dirt, pine straw, grass, etc.  They can also be located in a plastic box above ground to the left or right of the house.  See photos below for examples.
  • If no repairs are needed, it takes the contractor an average of 5-10 minutes to test each backflow prevention assembly.  The time to make repairs varies depending on what is wrong.
  • The contractor may leave a door hanger with contact information on your front door advising you of issues that need to be taken care of. Please contact the contractor accordingly.
  • The testing will interrupt your lawn irrigation service briefly, but should not affect the operation of your lawn irrigation water service after the test is done.
  • The contractor should knock or ring the doorbell before the testing is done.
  • The contractor should have a PWC contractor’s identification badge and a magnetic door sign on their vehicle.
  • You do not need to be home during the test.
  • You do not need to do anything after the test is completed.

If you have questions concerning the backflow prevention assembly testing or the contractor, please contact the PWC System Protection Office at (910) 223-4704.

If you should ever have problems with your lawn irrigation backflow preventer, here is a list of companies that can assist you with any repairs that you may need: List of Approved Backflow Testers