ENERGY STAR® Clothes Washer Incentive Program

Which appliance has a new technology in its spin cycle that removes more water? It is an ENERGY STAR® clothes washer, of course!  The average American washes 300 loads of laundry a year.  That is a lot of water and electricity being used to operate your clothes washer.  With an ENERGY STAR model, you will use 25% less energy and 40% less water, and have a larger tub capacity.   And, your clothes will get super clean with a “flip and spin” technology through a stream of water.  Plus, the rinse cycle uses high pressure spraying for a thorough rinse with no soap residue.

If your clothes washer is over 10 years old, consider a new ENERGY STAR model to save water and electricity and earn a $30 bill credit incentive from PWC!

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*PWC reserves the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice.

Calculate the ENERGY cost of your Clothes Washer

An ENERGY STAR® clothes washer uses 37% less energy than a standard washer. (www.energystar.com).  Washing with cold water, washing full loads, and selecting a shorter wash cycle can also save additional utility dollars!  For additional savings, use the calculator below to see the savings when you shift washer use from on-peak to off-peak hours.

How it works:

  1. Select the type of washer you own
  2. Enter the number of loads you wash per week
  3. Select the number of loads you run during the peak hours

How it adds up:

  • See the number of loads you run off-peak.  The great the number, the greater your savings
  • See your annual energy use and cost when operating your clothes washer
  • If you run loads during peak hours, see the amount you will save if you shift to off-peak (note:  Calculator assumes some typical use is during peak hours.  If all you use is already off -peak, no additional savings will show)
  • If you use a standard washer, see how much more you can save a year by purchasing an Energy Star clothes washer.