Commercial HVAC Replacement Program

If you own or manage a building, one of the biggest advantages to commercial HVAC replacement is the fact that a new HVAC system will run more efficiently, so the system will use less energy to operate. This can save you a very significant amount of money. This is especially true if you add up your energy cost savings over the lifetime of your new commercial HVAC system.

PWC is offering our non-residential small power and medium power electric customers (with an annual peak demand of less than 100 kW) an incentive for the replacement of up to two (2) HVAC units. The equipment must be new and installed on the applicant’s owned or operated property by a licensed HVAC contractor. All installations must meet the Program Terms and Conditions. Applications are subject to approval.

Read all the details below for this exciting opportunity to save some money on your commercial HVAC purchase which can also help you lower your utility bill.

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*PWC reserves the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice.