Electric Service Facts

Summer Peak Load: 480 MW (Aug. 9, 2007)
Winter Peak Load: 499 MW (Feb. 20, 2015)
Average Daily Load: 225.4 MW (FY2020)

Three Main Components:

  • Services & Lighting
  • Generation & Power Supply
  • Transmission & Distribution

Services & Lighting Customers (as of June 30, 2020):
Total: 83,476                                                                           
        Residential: 74,248
        Non-Residential: 9,201
        Industrial: 27

Street Lights
        Inside City: 19,726*
        Outside City: 1,745**
        Private Lighting Inside City: 2,986
        Rented Area Lights: 12,631***
        City-Owned/PWC Maintained Street Lights: 31
*Includes 261 Inside City – Pedestrian Light Fixtures
**Includes 403 Private Outside City Street Lights
***Includes 84 Hope Mills City Street Lights (Billed to City of Hope Mills as Area Lights)

Generation & Power Supply

  • 200,000 kW of Combustion Turbines
  • 65,000 kW Steam Turbine
  • Three 230 kV Delivery Points from Duke Energy Progress (DEP): Owen Drive, Butler-Warner Generation Plant (BWGP), Reilly Road
  • Connected to Regional Transmission Grid
  • Current Long-Term Power Supply Agreement: DEP-New Full Requirements Power Supply Agreement began July 2012 and with the 2019 modification expires June 2042; All capacity and energy needs of PWC customers provided by DEP. Power Sales Agreement with DEP provides an additional revenue stream through sale of capacity and energy from that facility that is used to offset increased power costs.
  • Built North Carolina’s first municipal Community Solar farm (1MW) that helps meet state regulations for providing electricity from renewable resources. Project includes 500KW battery storage unit that is used to reduce amount of energy purchased during peak times.

 Distribution System

  • Supervisory Control System Monitors & Controls 32 Distribution Substations; 3 Points of Delivery (POD)
  • 2.34 Miles of 230kV Transmission Lines 
  • 121.51 Circuit Miles of 69kV Sub-Transmission Lines
  • 117.307 Pole Miles of 69kV Sub-Transmission lines
  • 696.35 Circuit Miles of Overhead Distribution (2,265.52 Conductor Miles)
  • 48,777 Distribution Line Poles (PWC Owned)
  • 24,974 Distribution Line Transformers
  • 651.35 Circuit Miles of Underground Lines
  • 651.35 Circuit Miles of Underground Primary Distribution Conductor ( 1,174,20 Cable/Conductor Miles)