Energy Saver Tips: Laundry

Or you may simply rely on a machine dryer year-round because you don’t have a yard or outdoor area suitable for a clothesline. In either case, you can still continue to save energy and money by making sure your clothes dryer is performing at peak efficiency.

Dryer lint

You likely know that it is important to clean the lint screen after every load of laundry. What you may not know is that the screen does not always capture all the lint that a load of laundry produces – fine particles can sometimes pass through the screen and build up in the duct system that leads outside. If you can easily access your dryer’s air ducts, it will help improve your dryer’s efficiency (and save you money) to use a vacuum hose to clean out any hard-to-reach residual lint. This maintenance is also important for safety; according to FEMA, failure to clean vents and filters is the leading cause of clothes dryer fires.

The U.S. Department of Energy has identified other tips that can help you make sure doing laundry is as inexpensive and energy efficient as possible. Doing things like using the air-dry setting, separating heavier items like towels from lighter-weight clothes, and using a drying rack for appropriate garments can help you save money. And, with the holiday season looming ahead, who couldn’t use a little extra cash?

credit: Laundry | Department of Energy