Frequently Asked Questions – eBill

What is the eBill?

PWC’s eBill is your monthly, paperless utility bill notification that you receive directly by email. Your eBill notification will have a summary of your charges and a quick link to the Online Account Manager where you can view and pay your bill. Your Online Account Manager also contains additional information that can help you save on your usage and on your bill.

What does an eBill notification look like?

Click here to see an eBill notification

How do I enroll to get my PWC eBill?

Register your account at the Online Account Manager if you are not already a registered user. On the right side of the Account Overview Screen under Customer Enrollments, select ‘Enroll’ beside Paperless Bill and follow the instructions. Once complete, you will receive an email confirmation as notification your paperless enrollment was successful. Your next utility bill will come via email.

Do I have to register on the Online Account Manager to enroll in eBill?

No, you can enroll in eBill without being a registered Online Account Manager user by calling Customer Service at (910) 483-1382.

What version of Adobe Acrobat do I need to view my bill?

The bill needs the free Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or higher. Click here to download the latest version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Is there a fee for this service?

Paying your eBill is free. A link to pay using the online account manager is included in your email notification. If paying online with your bank account and routing information there is no charge.  There is a fee to pay using your credit/debit card.  This fee is charged by Bill2Pay, our payment processing vendor.

Do I have to pay electronically if I enroll in eBill?

No, you can continue to use other payment methods.

If I’m currently set up to pay my utility bill automatically through my bank or credit union (automatic bank draft program), can I continue using this service and also receive paperless bills?


How and when will I receive my eBill?

You will receive your eBill on the same schedule as your paper bill. Your meter reading schedule, billing and due dates do not change. Once you sign up for the eBill, you will receive your next bill electronically. The only exception would be if you sign up today and your bill is due to be mailed in the next three days. If this is the case, you would still receive your paper bill and then the next month you will receive the eBill by mail.

What email address will my eBill emails come from?

Your eBills will come from PWC Fayetteville with the subject –> Your PWC Statement is Ready to View

Do I have to sign up for a certain amount of time?

You can be unsubscribed at any time to go back to a paper utility bill. Each eBill you receive has a link to unsubscribe.

Can I get both the paperless and my paper bill?

No, only one option is available.

How do I change the email address my eBill is delivered to?

You may email eBillhelp@faypwc.com and indicate your account number and the new address you wish to use.