Green Business

Green by Design – PWC Operations Complex

In 1987, PWC purchased a 65-acre tract of land and began developing a centralized PWC Complex in order to consolidate all operating and administrative functions. This centralization of non-plant facilities lends itself to efficiency and effectiveness which extends to manpower requirements, equipment utilization, materials management, information flow, customer service, security and control of operations.

Located at 955 Old Wilmington Road, the PWC campus was designed by LSV Partnership of Fayetteville
and was built to be environmentally responsible with numerous features that maximize the use of natural

Site development: Consolidation of warehousing and operation facilities improved efficiencies and
reduced emissions. Buildings were located within site to maximize open areas, conserve waterways,
trees, and control stormwater runoff by use of appropriate landscape design.

Natural lighting was used extensively. Exterior aluminum sun shades were installed on the south facing windows of the Administration Building. Windows were minimized on the west elevation of the Administration Building and energy efficient exterior glass was installed.

Structural, mechanical, and electrical systems were designed for interior flexibility to accommodate change over time. This results in cost-effective modifications with material minimization.

Durable, long-lasting materials, such as the exterior precast panels, terrazzo floors, wallpaper, and porcelain tiles were used throughout to minimize maintenance costs and the use of chemicals and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints were used.

Carpet tiles used in the Administration building allow for limited spot replacement rather than recarpeting
large areas.

“Cool Roofs” (white reflective single-ply membranes) were installed for energy efficiency and recycle capabilities.

An energy management system was installed to maximize efficient operation and energy usage for the HVAC systems and some interior lights.

Lighting used in PWC’s 1990s construction was energy efficient lighting using low mercury content T-8. PWC is now installing compact fluorescent light bulbs throughout its facilities where possible.

Water efficient fixtures featuring low water use toilet fixtures and faucets were installed.

LEED Certified Customer Payment Center