Heat Pump (HVAC) Cold Weather Tips

  • Did You Know: Heat pumps extract air from outside of your home and transfer it inside to heat the home up to the desired thermostat setting. The greater the differences between the outside temperature and the temperature set inside — the more energy used and the more costly your bill.
  • Gradually Adjust Your Thermostat. When adjusting the thermostat on a heat pump system, adjust by no more than one-two degrees at a time to prevent your system from automatically forcing the auxiliary/emergency heat system to start running. Auxiliary heat costs three times as much to operate and will come on automatically if temperatures get to or below freezing. Learn More Here.
  • Weather-proof your windows. During the winter, up to 30% of your home’s heat can be escaping through low efficiency windows. Upgrading to storm windows can reduce heat loss but often requires a costly install. For a budget friendly alternative, cover windows and sliding doors with clear plastic film – this simple trick can save you roughly 14% on your heating bill.
  • Dress Warm Indoors. You can save 5% on for every degree you drop your thermostat between 60-70 degrees, so slip on some fuzzy socks and cozy PJs to let your clothes do the warming.
  • Do Away with Drafts. If you’re not careful, the winter chill can seep in under doors, around windows and even through electrical outlets. Drafts not only make it harder to properly warm your home, they also can eat away at your heating budget; install weather stripping and proper insulation to help keep the cold at bay. Close your home’s foundation vents to reduce the circulation of cold air underneath your home.