Retro-Commission (RCx) Program

Your Hometown Utility is now offering a Retro-Commission (RCx) Program to help medium power customers improve the control of electric equipment as well as identify and implement low-cost improvement measures to optimize performance, improve efficiency, and reduce energy costs.

The purpose of RCx is to systematically identify maintenance deficiencies, operational problems, and control issues that have developed over time. As a part of this program, PWC Key Account Agents will assist you and your selected Commissioning Provider (CP) by providing interval electrical data and optional rate analysis. The CP is responsible for performing building inspections and systems testing and assisting you in taking appropriate action to improve building performance and comfort.

PWC RCx incentive funds will be credited to your account to help cover the cost of the RCx project. According to Energy Star, a successful RCx project optimizes your facility’s energy performance, creates a more comfortable environment for your occupants, and helps you save an average of 15% in annual energy costs. For more information, inquire at Customer.Programs@faypwc.com.

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