Safety Spotlight: Generator Tips

Generators can be essential during disasters and emergencies to keep our life going.  But, because their use is not so frequent, we often overlook the necessary safety measures that should be routine. Any safety breach may lead to several dangerous consequences, including death.  These consequences are avoidable if we follow some essential generator safety tips to keep ourselves and families safe.

  • Position generator outdoors at least 25 feet away from your home.
  • Keep generator dry.
  • Operate your generator on a dry surface and touch it with dry hands.
  • Turn-off your generator and let it cool before refueling it.
  • Stock up extra fuel and keep it in approved containers.
  • Don’t plug your generator into a wall outlet.
  • Consider calling a qualified and licensed electrician to install your generator.
  • Plug in appliances directly to generator using heavy-duty, outdoor-rated extension.
  • Make sure the generator is properly grounded.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for use and perform regular maintenance.