Tech Support – Online Account Manager Registration

PWC’s new Online Account Manager is now available.  Please read these troubleshooting tips if you are experiencing issues with registering for or accessing your online account.

Registration help

  • If you receive an error or web page not available message when trying to access the new Account Manager, try adjusting your local Firewall to allow an Exception for the PWC site.
  • If you are currently a PWC eBill customer and trying to register, you may receive a message that your email is already in use. Select “Forgot password” and you will be sent your temporary password. Your temporary password will also be emailed to you.
  • If you are having trouble changing your temporary password- even if you have included the requirements (8 characters, upper/lower case, number, special character), password strength must be moderate or better (not “Weak”) for the change to be made. Suggestions include avoiding using actual words or phrases and only using special characters, such as %, @, or #.
  • If the system will not accept your current account number, please contact PWC at 483-1382. All customers received new 10-digit account numbers and the system registration requires the new account number.

If this was not helpful, please send an email with details to our tech support email.

Click here to enter the Online Account Manager.