Thompson & Moore Named 2021 State Operators of the Year

Gary Thompson and DeQuante Moore of the Fayetteville Public Works Commission have been named North Carolina Waterworks Operators Associations’ (NCWOA) 2021 Operators of the Year.

The NCWOA Operator of the Year Award recognizes those who excel in the water treatment field.  Both Thompson & Moore play instrumental roles in PWC’s ability to consistently achieve the Area Wide Optimization Award and the Director’s Award for the Partnership for Safe Water for the water treatment facilities. 

“Gary and DeQuante are two members of our highly competent operator team that is responsible for making sure we meet PWC customer expectations, as well as maintaining compliance with safe water requirements,” said Mick Noland, PWC’s Chief Operations Officer for the Water Resources Division. 

NCWOA President Ken Loflin & Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson, A-Surface Operator of the Year
Thompson, the A-Surface Operator of the Year, joined PWC in 1995 and is the Senior Treatment Plant Operator for the P.O. Hoffer Water Treatment Facility. He has been in the water industry for over 25 years.

Thompson’s experience and knowledge of Hoffer has made him a valuable resource. He strives to produce the highest quality water possible by constantly analyzing ever-changing incoming water quality parameters of the Cape Fear River to ensure regulatory compliance is maintained.  Thompson consistently volunteers to come in during challenging treatment conditions, such as weather emergencies, to assist his coworkers whenever needed.  He also excels at training new Operators, serving as a great mentor who sets the example for them to follow.

“Gary is an asset to our operations and we are thankful to have him as part of our team,” said Jason Green, PWC’s Water Treatment Facilities Manager.  “His experience and willingness to train the next generation of Operators has helped ensure we continue to meet our treatment goals today and into the future.”

NCWOA President Ken Loflin & DeQuante Moore

DeQuante Moore, C-Surface Operator of the Year

Moore was named the C-Surface Operator of the Year.  He has been with PWC’s Glenville Lake Water Treatment Facility since 2020.

Moore’s work ethic and commitment are second to none.  He strives to be the best operator and is always trying to improve his knowledge of processes, being quick to discover any potential issues throughout his shift. He has done an excellent job training a new coworker over the past several months, in preparation for the certification exam.  Moore passed his C-Surface exam on the first attempt and is looking forward to working on his B-Surface certification. A veteran, Moore was previously recognized with the U.S. Army Commendation Award and the U.S. Army Good Conduct Medal.

“We are lucky to have DeQuante on our team,” said Green. “He has excelled at learning the treatment process, works hard to constantly improve his knowledge, and has done an excellent job on training his newest coworkers at Glenville.”

PWC annually treats over 10 billion gallons of drinking water that serve the needs of over 225,000 residents in Cumberland County.  PWC is a charter member of the Partnership for Safe Drinking Water. In 2000, PWC became the first utility in North Carolina to be recognized with the Director’s Award from the Partnership.  The award recognizes PWC’s efforts and proven ability to treat water in a manner which meets or exceeds current regulatory practices.  Since earning the award in 2000, PWC continues to maintain this distinction through its exemplary practices.  PWC has maintained the Directors Award for 20 years, an honor achieved by less than 200 water utilities across the country.

PWC’s North Carolina Waterworks Operators Association Operator of the Year Recipients

  • A-Surface Operator of the Year: Gary Thompson (2021)
  • C-Surface Operator of the Year: DeQuante Moore (2021)
  • A-Surface Operator of the Year: David Faircloth (2020)
  • A-Surface Operator of the Year: David Robinson (2018)
  • Outstanding Operator of the Year: Chris Smith (2018)