Utility Scams: Know the Signs

Be aware & be wary! Scammers will try to take advantage of you in a variety of ways. Utility customers are no exception. PWC is raising awareness and educating customers about scams to help protect you and your family. Please share this information and remember you can always contact PWC at (910) 483-1382 when you have questions about your account or programs we offer. You can also report scams using our Online Utility Scam Form.

Planned Power Outage Texts

Customers have reported receiving scam text messages warning of planned power outages and internet outages. These are not from PWC. We only text customers if they have signed up for outage notifications through the Online Account Manager, which does NOT include internet providers.

HVAC Inspections

We’ve heard from several customers recently they’ve received calls from a group claiming to work on behalf of PWC regarding free inspection of their HVAC system.  PWC is not partnered with any group to offer this service.  If you receive any calls like this that sound suspicious, please hang up and call 910-483-1382 to verify it is a PWC employee or representative. 

Solar Panel Installation

We have seen a rise in questions from customers being approached by door-to-door salespeople for rooftop solar panel installation. While these companies are legitimate and may not fall into the traditional scam category, it’s important to note PWC does not partner with any solar panel installers. If you are a PWC electric customer and are interested in rooftop solar, please visit our Solar Options website to learn more about it prior to signing any contracts with installers.

Payment Scams

These days, especially with the emphasis on providing customer convenience, scammers are constantly coming up with “legitimate-sounding” ways to deceive you.  Be wary of anything that seems like it might be a scam. If you’re in doubt at all, give PWC a call!

  • PWC employees will never call you and claim that your service will be disconnected if you don’t immediately pay a past-due bill over the phone. If you receive such a call, hang up and call us at 910-483-1382.
  • Never provide personal or financial information to someone claiming to be from PWC on the phone – or in person! (Remember, however, that as one of our payment options, you can call us to pay your bill by phone.)
  • We will not call you after business hours/on weekends to collect payment. Business calls from PWC will come from a “910” area code.
  • Our employees will never ask you to purchase a pre-pay debit card, such as a Green Dot® money card, as a way to pay your bill. Details for all authorized PWC payment options are listed on the back of your bills or online at faypwc.com.
  • If someone comes to your home or business claiming to be from PWC, do not let them in. Our employees will not come into your home unless you make a request or an appointment has been arranged in advance. PWC or authorized contractors will have PWC identification. Call PWC at 910-483-1382 to verify an employee or contractor is legitimate.

PWC Not Affiliated with Water/Sewer Insurance Policies

Some Fayetteville residents and PWC customers have recently been solicited by companies selling insurance for the water and sewer pipes which run from the water and sewer mains to the customer’s house.

PWC is not affiliated with nor has endorsed  the sale of any type of water or sewer insurance policies and does not require such insurance to receive PWC services.  PWC owns and maintains the utilities, including water and sewer service lines, located in the public right-of-way up to the customer’s property line.  If the water and sewer utilities are on a dedicated easement, PWC owns and maintains the utilities within the easement.  PWC customers are responsible for utility lines within their property line.

PWC encourages customers to carefully evaluate the merits of the insurance/program and are reminded that they are under no obligation or requirement to participate.