When Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

While windows only take up approximately 8% of the surface of your home’s exterior, they account for about 45% of the heat gain or loss – meaning window performance can have a big impact on the comfort and efficiency of your home. With many different incentives to take advantage of, now is a great time to replace windows if you’re due for an upgrade. In our latest Ask the Experts article, we explore:

  1. Indicators that your windows should be replaced;
  2. Other considerations when looking at window replacement; and
  3. How to make sure your new windows are energy efficient.

Looking to dive even deeper into window efficiency? Learn more about the benefits of replacing old and inefficient windows and why it’s one of the six high-impact improvements included in an ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade.

Is it Time to Replace Your Windows? | Ask the Experts | ENERGY STAR