Peak Savings Electric Water Heater Program

The Peak Savings Electric Water Heater Program helps you conserve electricity- and save money- during times of high energy demand. Plus, participants receive a FREE Aquanta smart water heater device when they sign up!

How does it work?

During Time-of-Use hours, the Aquanta smart water heater device will turn off the electricity to participants’ electric water heaters using an algorithm. The water heater will not produce any additional hot water during Time-of-Use hours. However, water in the tank should remain warm and available for use.

Time-of-Use hours on weekdays 6am – 10am during the winter (November – March) and from 3pm – 7pm in the summer months (April – October), but can happen during other times throughout the year.

By participating in Peak Savings Program, you are taking a smart and easy step to:

  • Ease the burden on our existing electricity delivery system and reduce the need for additional power plants                                               
  • Protect our environment by lowering power plant emissions to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Take advantage of energy-saving program brought to you by PWC

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What does Aquanta do?

Cost Savings

  • Smart control of thermostat and heat cycling for your water heater
  • Energy savings suggestions
  • Weekly and monthly usage data comparison

Convenience, Comfort and Safety

  • See how much hot water is available
  • Remote turn on/off and scheduling capability                                                                                         
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Automatic overheating shutoff

Intelligent Controls

  • Autonomous learning function matches water heating with usage patterns
  • Operation via remote dashboard

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How to Install Aquanta Device

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*PWC reserves the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time without prior notice.