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PWC’s Procurement Department is responsible for the procurement of materials, supplies, services, and equipment to enable the efficient operating of departments within PWC. Procurement also oversees and administers bids and contracts related to electric, water, and sewer construction.

PWC’s Procurement Department is also responsible for administering the Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program. This program works to increase the participation of small disadvantaged businesses in procurement opportunities.

Listed below are current bid opportunities for PWC. Click on the Bid Number for information on how to obtain copies of the Bid documents.  Please direct questions regarding these Bids to

Contact Information

For Bid documents and Questions, please contact office assistant Gwendolyn Baker at

Vendors in need of assistance with vendor application and/or would like to meet about future PWC opportunities please contact:

Lexi Hasapis – Local Vendor Procurement Analyst

910-223-4607 (office) | 910-580-6900 (cell) | 910-483-1429 fax


Project / Notice Opening / Closing Date & Time Contact
PWC1819028 6” Dri-Prime Pump with Enclosure December 12, 2018
5:00 pm
PWC1819029 Addendum #1

Re-advertisement: Martindale Water Main Replacement

December 14, 2018
5:00 pm
PWC1819035 RFP – Programmable Logic Controller Replacement Project January 9, 2019
5:00 pm
PWC1819030 Rockfish Creek Water Reclamation facility Effluent Outfall January 14, 2019
2:00 pm
PWC1819031 RFP – PWC Towing Services January 14, 2019
2:00 pm
PWC1819032 Addendum #2

Addendum #1

Installation of Fenix No. 2 Substation

January 17, 2019
3:00 pm
PWC1819033 Addendum #2

Addendum #1

Structures for the Fenix No. 2 Substation

January 17, 2019
2:00 pm
PWC1819034 Oil Containment System at POD #1 January 29, 2019
5:00 pm
N/A Notice of Auction Sale – City of Fayetteville Surplus Equipment N/A email


BID Description Contact
PWC1718008 Various Utility Trucks email
PWC1718017 North Fayetteville Water System Improvements Project email
PWC1617035 Methodist University Lift Station Replacement email
PWC1617025 Cable, 10 AL, EPR, 25KV, 1/C, CN email
PWC1617017 Seven (7) 1200 Vacuum Circuit Breakers for Miscellaneous Substations email
PWC1617018 Landscape Management Services for the Cross Creek Plant & Lift Stations email
PWC1617002 (1) 14Ft and (1) 15Ft Four-Wheel-Drive Backhoe Loaders email
PWC1617004 14,000 lb GVW 4X4 Cab and Chassis with Service Body & 35,000 lb GVWR Cab and Chassis with 6 Cubic Yard Dump Body email
PWC1516036 Clearing and Grading for Jacks Ford Subdivision Circuit Substation email
PWC1516035 Owen Drive Water Main Extension email
PWC1516033 Mini Excavator email
PWC1516030 Bedrock Elevated Water Storage Tank Communications Corral Upgrade email
PWC1516025 Roof Replacements on Various PWC Buildings email
PWC1516022 Methodist University Lift Station email
PWC1516016 Bragg Blvd Water Main Replacement email
PWC1516011 Transformer email
PWC1516029 Russell Street Water Main Replacement email
PWC1516026 Tubular Steel Poles for Bragg Blvd email
PWC1516051 Ferric Sulfate Liquid email
PWC1516041 One (1) Track Loader email
PWC1516018 Annexation Phase V, Project VIII, Area 18 Section I – Reilly Road Outfall email
PWC1516024 Hydrogen Sulfide Control email
PWC1718002 Hope Mills Elevated Water Storage Tank Wireless Communication Equipment Corral Upgrade email
PWC1718003 Cross Creek Treatment Plant Wash-Out Remediation Swale Restoration Package email
PWC1718004 Various Pickup Trucks email
PWC1718005 Sewer Lift Station Rehabilitation email
PWC1718009 (2) 67 KV Delta to 26.18Y/15.12KV WYE with LTC  30/40/50MVA Power Transformers email
PWC1718015 Outdoor Distribution Switching Cabinets email
PWC1718016 Reclosers email
PWC1718037 Installation of Lafayette Village 69 to 15 X 25 KV Substation email
PWC1718027 PWC Administration and Operations Center Roofing Replacement email