Community Solar

We’ve built North Carolina’s first municipal Community Solar farm. PWC Community Solar is a large-scale, ground-mount solar array offering our electric customers a shared renewable energy option and an alternate to rooftop solar.

Customers can enroll in the Program, pay a monthly subscription fee and in exchange, receive a bill credit for the value of the solar less the cost to operate. All electric customers – whether you own or rent your home – whether residential or non-residential - can participate as a ‘subscriber’ in this program.

Community Solar Benefits

  1. Add renewable energy to our local power grid without the effort and expense of installing solar panels at your home or busines.
  2. Pay for a portion of the power generated by this solar array, and get a credit on your monthly bill.

But the richest reward? Helping provide cleaner, greener power for our community. If you want to help us get the ball rolling toward a brighter future for our children, enroll in the Community Solar Program beginning November 1st.

Offer Summary

Panels Enrollment Fee Net Monthly Credit Annual Credit
1 $20 $0.98 $11.80
2 $30 $1.97 $23.61
3 $40 $2.95 $35.41
4 $50 $3.93 $47.21
5 $60 $4.92 $59.02


Community Solar

How Community Solar Works

Community Solar Farm