Community Solar

Community solar is solar energy that is generated from a central location and shared by multiple subscribers. That means you don’t need your own rooftop panels to get the benefits of solar. PWC’s Community Solar Program gives PWC electric customers the option to subscribe to a community solar project and receive bill credits on their utility bill.

PWC believes in community solar because it allows for equal access to the economic and environmental benefits of solar energy generation, regardless of the physical attributes or ownership of an individual’s home or business. Check out how PWC Community solar works!

Click here to learn more about our Butler-Warner Generation Plant.

Benefits of PWC’s Community Solar Program

It’s customer centric: Provides access to solar for customers that cannot or may not want to install rooftop solar. Community solar helps PWC offer a valuable service to customers who are seeking renewable power but lack the financial means to buy or lease rooftop solar panels, have rooftops on which they cannot install solar panels, or may be renters.

It’s affordable:  You have the choice to subscribe to up to five (5) panels. This option allows you to decide how community solar best fits into your budget.

It’s accessible: Community solar is a great option for renters and other customers who want to use clean energy but may not have an ideal roof or the ability to invest in a rooftop system. If you’re a PWC electric customer, you can participate in community solar.

It’s local: By subscribing, you are investing in projects right here in Fayetteville. It’s important to PWC to have affordable and accessible solar access for all community members.

How do I participate in PWC’s Community Solar Program?

Visit our Getting Started page for helpful information on how participation in a community solar project works.