Annexation Phase IVB – Completed Summer 2003

Map of Phase IVB: Ashton Forest, Lafayette Village, Queensdale, Quailridge, Sherwood Park, Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek South, Williamsburg Plantation, Woods Edge, Cumberland, portions of Arran Lakes West, and Other Developments

Cost to Property Owners and Financing

  • Actual Estimated Sanitary Sewer Cost: Average of $8,000 per lot
  • Actual Estimated Water Cost: Average of $3,300 per lot
  • PWC Assessment Recommendation of $3,785 for single family residential sanitary sewer service
  • PWC Assessment Recommendation of $2,650 for single family residential water service
  • Assessments include main and lateral charge
  • No payment until notification that service is available
  • Does not include plumber’s charge
  • Does not include facility investment fee
  • Minimum term with payment options: Ten years

For non-single family residential lots, the assessment will be computed on a per front foot rate with a 90’ minimum estimated at $35.94 plus the appropriate lateral (4”=$550) for sanitary sewer with water estimated at $25 per linear foot plus appropriate lateral (1”=$400).

Limited financial assistance available for those who qualify.

Request for Service

When an area is annexed, there are certain requirements that relate to water and sanitary sewer utility improvements. The first being that all major water transmission mains and sanitary sewer outfalls which are lines greater than 12” in diameter be installed within the annexed area as necessary to serve not individual properties, but the area in general. There is a provision in the General Statutes whereby property owners may request service be provided to their individual parcels as part of the annexation utility improvements which does result in the property owner paying a portion of the utility improvement cost through the assessment process. The deadline for petitions to be received was February 4, 2002. As in past annexations, PWC will consider the petitions, septic system failures, and other criteria in order to make a decision as to where utility improvements will be installed.

Method of Payment

Where sanitary sewer collection systems are being installed, a portion of the cost may be assessed to the benefited property owners. This is basically a means for the property owner to finance their cost of the utility improvements over an extended period of time. PWC will consider receiving payments on a monthly basis if so requested. The only properties to be assessed are those where the sanitary sewer collection mains and/or water distribution mains are actually installed. If the property owner does not connect within the six month period as provided, the Utility Capacity Charge (formerly known as Facility Investment Fee-FIF) will have to be paid at the time application for service is made. Although City Council will determine the assessment term of up to twenty annual installments, PWC has recommended ten annual installments in order to reduce the amount of interest paid. A comparison showing the payment and interest amount is shown below using monthly installments over a ten year term. The interest rate shown in the example is 8% which is the maximum as set forth in General Statutes. The actual interest rate will be set by Council and may be less.


$3,7858%10 years$45.92
Water$2,6508%10 years$32.15

Note: All cost figures, interest rates, payment schedules, utility capacity charges (UCC), and related information are provided as an example based on staff estimates and are, therefore, subject to change. This example is for a typical residential platted lot. For undeveloped residential tracts or commercial property, the assessment will be computed on an individual basis using front footage for the main charge and the appropriate lateral charge.


  • Neighborhood Meetings
  • PWC & consulting engineers design route for utilities based on topography
  • Route surveyed
  • Necessary easements are identified
  • Appraisals performed
  • Offers made
  • Easement rights acquired
  • Construction Bids are received
  • Contractors selected to install utilities
  • Neighborhood Newsletter
  • Newsletter sent to annexed property owners with information pertaining to approximate construction schedule (property information based on Cumberland County Tax Records)
  • Construction begins on various utility installation projects
  • Water and sanitary sewer mains installed
  • Restoration of disturbed property
  • Tabulate final cost
  • Confirm assessment roll
  • Mail individuals assessment notices
  • Confirmation of assessment rolls

Proposed Charges

Notes: PWC will waive the Utility Capacity Charge for property owners making application for service within 6 months of receiving notification that the water and/or sanitary sewer utilities are available for connection.

For all non-single family residential lots, assessments will be established on a case-by-case basis based on front footage with a 90’ minimum and the appropriate lateral charge.

The estimated charges and cost as outlined above are based on anticipated fees, charges, and rates which are subject to change. Actual cost will be computed at the time application for service is made.


The City and PWC would like to take this opportunity to welcome you as a resident of the City of Fayetteville and as our new customers. If you have any questions pertaining to the proposed construction project, availability of utilities, connection charges or the incentive package, please refer to the following departments:

  • Water Resources Department: 223-4730 for questions pertaining to availability of service and annexation project
  • Finance Division: 223-4106 for questions pertaining to payment options
  • Special Projects Department: 223-4340 for questions pertaining to annexation project in general
  • Citizen’s Inquiry Line: 483-1382 after construction is underway
  • To view the Phase IVB Construction Update brochure, click here.