Annexation Phase V – Project 21 – Arran Lakes West (Laketrail Dr)

Project Details

  • Construction Start:  Summer 2018
  • Available for Connection (FIF  Waiver Ended September 10, 2020) 
  • Services: 264
  • Engineer Design Firm:  Moorman, Kizer, and Reitzel
  • Construction:  TA Loving

Construction is complete.

On May 1, 2020, the Fayetteville City Council approved utility assessments for properties receiving benefit of the utility extension.  Assessments were mailed to the address on record with the Cumberland County tax office at the time of the assessment.   To review assessment information using your property’s Parcel Identification Number (PIN), please click here or contact PWC’s Assessment Department at 910-223-4106 or 910-223-4254.

Responsibility for collecting the assessment has been assigned to PWC. For information regarding payment options of the assessment, please review this brochure: assessment payment  (PDF)

This information is subject to change.