Annexation Phase V – Project 21 – Arran Lakes West (Laketrail Dr)

Project Details

  • Construction Start:  Summer 2018
  • Available for Connection (FIF  Waiver Ends September 10, 2020) 
  • Services: 264
  • Engineer Design Firm:  Moorman, Kizer, and Reitzel
  • Construction:  TA Loving

Installation Complete/Connection Available

Utility improvements for Project 21 are complete and sanitary sewer is available for connection.  Property owners have been mailed connection information.  Connection is not required but if it is made and inspections completed by September 10, 2020, the FIF fee associated with new service connection, will be waived.   Please review the Project 21 Connection Notice and Connection Process for additional details.  If you have questions, please connect PWC Customer Programs at 910-223-4600 and refer to Project 21.

Sewer assessments associated with this project will be confirmed and billed following a future Fayetteville City Council public hearing (to be scheduled).  Additional information will be mailed to property owners at a later time.

This information is subject to change.