Annexation Phase V – Project 19 – Arran Lakes West (Fisher Rd)

Project Details

Construction Start:  April 2017

Construction Complete:  August 2018

Available for Connection
(FIF Waiver Ends February 8, 2019) 

Served:  341

Engineer Design Firm:  Moorman, Kizer and Reitzel

Contractor:  Billy Bill Grading

Installation Complete

Connection to newly install sewer services are now available. Connection notices have been mailed to the property owners in this area where services are available for connection.

Connection involves installing a service line from your home to the edge of your property to connect with PWC’s service lateral. You may hire a plumber (List of Local Licensed Plumbers) to perform the work or if you are the property owner and live in the home, you may do it yourself.

Connection is not required, however, property owners where utility lines have been installed are responsible for the assessment, whether or not they connect to the services. Services connected within six (6) months of notification will have the Facility Investment Fee waived.

For more information regarding the connection including cost associated with the connection, click here

Contact PWC  at 910-223-4600 if you have questions regarding connections or are ready to connect to service.