Annexation Phase V – Project 24 | Section B – Village Hills

Section 24.B: Village Hills


Project Details

Construction Start:  March 2022

Construction Complete:  March 2023

Available for Connection:
Utility Capacity Charge (formerly known as Facility Investment Fee-FIF) Waiver ends December 1, 2023

Served: 125 lots

Contractor: TA Loving

Engineer Design Firm: Moorman, Kizer, & Reitzel

Installation Completed/Connections Available

Utility improvements are now complete and available for connection for the properties in the Phase 5 Annexation Area 24BC Project. New connections require a Utility Capacity Charge (formally called the Facility Investment Fee) for a standard residential sewer customer, which is used to offset the impact a new customer has on our Treatment Plant capacity. While property owners are not required to connect, if the property is connected by December 1, 2023, this fee will be waived. To qualify for the waiver, sewer connections must be made and inspection completed by December 1, 2023.

A licensed plumber will be needed in order to connect a property’s plumbing to the newly installed sewer. When selecting a plumber, it is recommended that to get more than one quote from plumbers to ensure that the quote is reasonable. The property owner assumes all costs associated with connecting to the sanitary sewer system and the individual plumbing expenses are paid directly to the plumber. The resident homeowner may perform the work yourself after securing a plumbing permit from the City of Fayetteville Inspections Department.

Once a property is connected to the sewer mains, call PWC at (910) 223-4600 to establish your sanitary sewer services and refer to the Phase 5 Annexation Area 24BC Project.

This information is subject to change.