Spotlight on Success

Join us in saluting these employees on their promotions and achievements while providing you safe, reliable, award-winning utility services.

Reggie Abbott
Real Estate and Right-of-Way Manager

Reggie Abbott has been promoted from Right-of-Way Agent to Real Estate and Right-of-Way Manager.

Jenna Riglick
Budget Manager

Jenna Riglick has been promoted from Finance & Accounting Analyst to Budget Manager.

Wayne Egan
W/R Facility Operations Manager

Wayne Egan has been promoted from W/R Treatment Plant Operator to W/R Facility Operations Supervisor.










Candice Kirtz
Director of Supply Chain

Candice Kirtz joined PWC as Director of Supply Chain in October 2021.










Lisa Barbee
Financial Rates Manager

Lis Barbee has been promoted from Financial Rates Analyst to Financial Rates Manager.

Mark Brown
Chief Customer Officer

Mark Brown has been promoted to the newly created position of Chief Customer Officer. Brown joined PWC as the Senior Customer Programs Officer in January 2013.

Susan Fritzen
Chief Administrative Officer

Susan Fritzen has been promoted to the newly created position of Chief Administrative Officer. Fritzen joined PWC as the Special Projects Manager in August 2008.

Jason Green
W/R Treatment Facilities Manager

Jason Green has been promoted to Water Resources (W/R) Treatment Facilities Manager. Green joined PWC as W/R Facilities Operations Supervisor in October 2019.

Jim Scaccia
Fleet Manager

James (Jim) Scaccia has been promoted to Fleet Manager. Scaccia joined PWC as Fleet Maintenance Supervisor in January 2018.

Dustin Doty
Staff Counsel

Dustin Doty joined PWC as Staff Counsel in April 2021.

Rhonda Graham

Rhonda Graham has been promoted to Controller. Graham joined PWC in 2017 and previously served as the Budget Manager.

David Faircloth
Water Resources Treat Plant Operator

David Faircloth has been named the North Carolina Waterworks Operators Association's (NCWOA) 2020 A-Surface Operator of the Year. Faircloth joined PWC in 2014 and has earned several certifications, including A-Surface and Grade II Physical/Chemical.

Jacqueline Montero
Groundworker Apprentice

Jacqueline (Jackie) Montero has been featured in the American Public Power Association (APPA) "Women in Public Power Blaze a Path for Others to Join High Voltage Trades, Line Work," article published March 2021.

Martin Cunningham
Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Martin Cunningham has been promoted to Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Supervisor. Cunningham previously served as a Revenue Accounting Analyst and has been with PWC since 1995.

Sharon Carvin
Customer Service Supervisor

Sharon Carvin has earned certification from the American Public Power Association (APPA) for completing the Customer Service Management Program. Carvin has over 24 years of service with PWC.

Marcus McLaurin
Customer Service Supervisor

Marcus McLaurin has been promoted to Customer Service Supervisor. McLaurin joined PWC in 2016 and replaces Kim Wright, who was promoted to Customer Service Manager.

Kimberly Wright
Customer Service Manager

Kimberly Wright has been promoted to Customer Service Manager. Wright has been with PWC since 2011 and replaces Jane Arnett, who retired with nearly 30 years of PWC service.

James Williams, Jr.
IT Support Supervisor

James Williams, Jr. has been promoted to IT Support Supervisor. Williams joined PWC in 2019 as an IT System Administrator.

Rhonda Locklear
Water Resources Environmental & Compliance Manager

Rhonda Locklear has been promoted to  Water Resources Environmental Program Manager. Locklear joined 2014 as a Chemist and replaces Chad Ham, who retired with 35 years of PWC service.

Kevin Howell
Facilities Construction Maintenance Manager

Kevin Howell, who joined PWC in 2016, has been promoted to  Facilities Construction & Maintenance Manager. Howell replaces Charles Johnson, who retired with 8 years of PWC service.

Misty Manning
Water Resources Engineering Manager

Misty Manning has been promoted to Water Resources Engineering Manager. Manning joined PWC in 2011 as an Engineer and replaces Joe Glass, who retired with 19 years of PWC service.

Elaina Ball
Chief Executive Officer & General Manager

Elaina Ball was named PWC's CEO/GM in December 2020. Ball replaced David Trego who retired with 11 years of PWC service.